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See how easily the user cleans up all sorts of surfaces. Since the brushes exceed the casing, the waste is picked-up even along the walls. Lateral guide rollers allow sweeping along garden edges, sidewalks, walls, and insures the guidance and clean alongside obstacles.

Unbeatable results  . Very easy to push

Non belt driving  . Centrally adjustable brooms

Large container capacity .  Patented sweeping design

Folding for easy storing . Sweeps wet or dry leaves


Mechanical sweepers

Rotative brushes

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Caddy Clean


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Parking Lots Sweeper

High performance Sweepers manual and electric Accupower

For more 25 years, Haaga’s hand sweeping machines clean everything!

Designed in Germany, a recognized high-quality workmanship. Haaga’s Mechanical

Sweeping Machine has a clever design that allows to pick-up all the filth directly

in front of it.

An impressive efficiency of 16,000 to 41,000 sqf/hour.

Multiple uses, dried or wet dead leaves, stones, waste materials, fine dirt, cigarette

butts, cans, paper, grass, etc.

Practical, can be used on asphalt, concrete, tiling, pavement.

Optimal adjustment to the ground using a setting system


Haaga is a German company internationally active in the field of cleaning, having a significant export share. In order to guaranty a high quality standard, from manufacturing to assembly, everything is done in Germany. Haaga is dedicated in aspects of ecology and complies with the European energy emission of CO2.


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